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Product ID 20x8-Plastic-Return-Grill-White

20 x 8 Plastic Return Grill - White

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Bathroom Wall Vent 20" x 8" - Plastic Return Air Grille

These plastic bathroom wall vents are perfect for use in areas of your home that tend to have a lot of moisture. The white plastic return air grille is made with a high-density polystyrene plastic making the bathroom wall vent a durable and long lasting choice. All of our plastic return air grille covers come with predrilled screw holes and screws, making the bathroom wall vents easy for you to install. The white plastic return grille will sit very close to the wall with only a 5/16” turnback. These plastic bathroom wall vents are not only rustproof, but they are scratch resistant as well, allowing for them to be a very durable return grille for any part of your home. Also note that the plastic bathroom vents only come in the color white.

Bathroom Wall Vent at a Glance

- Return air grille has 5/16” turnback
- Rust proof plastic design
- Durable scratch resistant construction

When measuring for your new plastic return air grille, make sure to measure the size of the opening you will be covering.

Example: A 20 x 8 bathroom wall vent cover would fit a vent opening of 20" x 8". The outside dimensions of the faceplate will add an additional 1 ¼” each way, making the actual faceplate size 21 ¼” x 9 ¼”.

Plastic return air grilles are also available in a variety of other sizes.

Bathroom wall vents for baseboards are also available.

Use our white plastic air grilles during your next home update!

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