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Product ID 12x6-Triangular-Baseboard-Return-White

12 X 6 Triangular Stamped Steel Baseboard Return - White

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12 x 6 Baseboard Vent - White Metal Air Grilles

Replacing old baseboard vents with new metal air grilles can make a difference in any space. Baseboard vents with fins that are set at a 20 degree angle and spaced 1/3" apart allow for proper air flow. Installation of the metal air grilles is a snap with the included mounting hardware. These baseboard vents are durable due to the steel construction. An enamel finish is then applied to the metal air grilles to protect the steel and prevent rusting. Due to the durable construction of the baseboard vents you will find that they are suitable for both residential and commercial locations.

Baseboard Vent Details

- White enamel finish metal air grilles
- Steel construction
- 1/3" fin spacing
- Downward 20 degree angled fins

Metal Air Grilles Outside Measurements: 13 3/8 x 6 7/8 inches
Baseboard Vent Upper Projection: 7/8 inch
Metal Air Grilles Lower Projection: 3 3/4 inches

***Hint: Metal air grilles are listed by the hole size they work with. This baseboard vent will fit a 12 x 6 duct opening.

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Place an order for new baseboard returns today and have them shipped straight to your door.

Price: $32.55
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Nice return grill
- 11/13/2016
Ordered this item to replace hard to find old return grill.
New grill is slimmer and doesn't protrude into the room as much.
It seems well constructed.
Screws included are nice but are slotted screws. Unfortunately, I had to go to the hardware store anread more