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Product ID: 4x10-Magnetic-Cover-Gold
4 x 10 Magnetic Floor Vent Cover - Gold
Gold magnetic vent covers can be used on 4 x 10 metal floor registers to stop unwanted air from being released. Sold in a two pack, these magnetic sheets will look just like your brass floor register.
Price: $5.56
Product ID: 4x10-Magnetic-Cover-White
4 x 10 Magnetic Floor Vent Cover - White
These 4 x 10 white magnetic sheets will block vents that have escaping airflow. Block metal floor registers with this cover which is sold two to a package.
Price: $5.56
Product ID: 8x15-Magnetic-Cover
8 x 15 Magnetic Floor Vent Cover
These magnetic floor register covers are a great and economical way to increase energy efficiency throughout your home or office. Sold in sets of (3) 8 inch x 15 inch customizable magnet sheets.
Price: $10.97
Product ID: Air-Deflector-Extend-A-Vent
Air Deflector - Extend A Vent
The extend a vent will redirect air flow for maximum energy efficiency. Easily installed and no tools required. Redirect airflow from under furniture.
Price: $13.85
Product ID: Air-Deflector-Extension-Sleeve
Air Deflector Extension Sleeve
This sleeve extension for register deflectors works with the baseboard deflector and the the filter deflector. Maximize your energy efficiency by directing warm or cool where you want it to be.
Price: $4.99
Product ID: Air-Deflector-Forced-Air-AC
Air Deflector For Forced Air / AC Systems
Deflect-O model #40 forced air deflector can be used to redirect air flow in your home. Use this product on metal floor registers that are 10 to 14 inches long by attaching with magnetic clips.
Price: $7.99
Product ID: Air-Deflector-Premium-Air-Deflector
Air Deflector - Premium Air Deflector
The premium air deflector is made of a durable plastic an requires no tools for installation. Redirects air to increase the comfort level in your home.
Price: $2.69
Product ID: Air-Deflector-with-Filter
Air Deflector - Air Deflector with Filter
This air deflector with a filter traps airborne contaminants providing you with a cleaner environment. Extends from 10 inches to 14 inches to accommodate most register sizes.
Price: $6.09
Product ID: Baseboard-Air-Deflector
Baseboard Air Deflector
Air deflectors are a great way to improve the energy efficiency in your home for a small price. Deflectors are easily attached to baseboards with magnets; no tools required.
Price: $8.69
Product ID: Plastic-Air-Vent-Covers
Plastic Air Vent Covers
Prevent drafty air blowing into your home with these easy to install draft shields. No tools required and they install in minutes. Made of a durable clear plastic.
Price: $20.99
Product ID: Sidewall-Air-Deflector
Air Deflector for Sidewall Register
Make your home or office more comfortable by redirecting air where you want it to go. This sidewall air deflector installs with magnets that are provided.
Price: $7.99
Product ID: 4x10-Plastic-Pop-Up-Register-White
4 x 10 Plastic Pop Up Register - White
Plastic floor registers are rustproof and made of high impact polystyrene construction. Suitable for wet areas and outdoor use. These make it easy to divert air flow away from or towards something for ease of comfort.
Price: $6.05
Product ID: 4x12-Plastic-Pop-Up-Register-White
4 x 12 Plastic Pop Up Register - White
4 x 12 Plastic deflector registers can be used in the floor or wall mounted. These high quality registers are made of a high gauge polystyrene and are sturdy enough to walk on. This register with an air deflector can save you money and improve your comfort.
Price: $6.64
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