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Product ID 6x12-High-Output-Red-Oak

6 x 12 High Output Red Oak Flush Mount Register

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High Output Wood Register Vents - 6 x 12 Flush Mount Vent Covers

Our wood register vents are made out a finely cut red oak wood and are not stained. That is because you will install the flush mount vent covers along with your new hardwood floor, finishing the two together in the process. These wood register vents are manufactured right here in the United States and the flush mount vent covers are 3/4 inch thick. When installing the flush mount vent covers, they will interlock between your new hardwood floors due to their clicking system which will leave floors seamless.

Our wood register vents are high output registers which will allow 30% more air to flow into your home. The sliding damper under the flush mount vent covers sits flat for your floors convenience. The wood register vents insert can be removed for easy cleaning access.

Wood Register Vents Benefits

- Wood made from red oak and is unfinished
- Made in the USA
- Must be installed with floor
- Flush mount register with high output airflow
- Flat, removable metal damper

Outside Frame Dimensions: 9 15/16 inches x 15 inches
Flush Mount Vent Covers Insert Dimensions:7 11/16 inches x 13 3/4 inches
Airflow Area: 48 square inches
Overall Thickness: 3/4 inch
*1/2 inch or 5/8 inch thick wood register vents available for special order.

***Hint: When buying these flush mount vent covers, install only with new floors because of their interlocking system. Measure the floor hole opening to order the correct size vent.

Available for previously installed hardwood floors is our selection of drop in floor registers, both finished and unfinished.

For a variety of wood register vents that made out of another wood, please view our stock of flush mount floor registers.

Order these flush mount vent covers without delay so you can begin working on your home project!

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