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Product ID 6x14-Victorian-Register-Brass-Plated

6 X 14 Victorian Floor Register - Brass Plated

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6 x 14 Victorian Style Vent - Decorative Register Covers

Floor register covers with a brass plated finish will add that extra touch of sophistication to your rooms. Functional, stylish, durable and at a price you can afford! This heat register comes with a fully adjustable steel damper which allows you complete air flow control. Damper can be removed if desired. These vents have a lacquer coating to protect the finish and prevent rusting.

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Brass Plated Floor Vent Details

-Finish is brass plated
-Protective lacquer top coat to prevent rust
-Damper is easily adjusted for room comfort
-Decorative register covers are steel construction
-Drop-in style one step installation

***Hint: The industry standard is to order using the actual floor register hole size and not the heat register cover size.

Actual Faceplate Dimensions of Vent Cover: 7 3/8 inches x 15 3/4 inches
Damper Dimensions: 5 5/8 inches x 13 13/16 inches
Drop-in Depth: 1 1/4 inches

You may use Spring Clips to attach the 6 x 14 brass plated floor register to the wall.

Victorian style vents are available in multiple sizes and finishes!

Decorative register covers are a great way to enhance the decor of any home or office. Call in or go online to place an order today!

Price: $62.30
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