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Product ID 6x14-Victorian-Register-Brushed-Nickel

6 X 14 Victorian Floor Register - Brushed Nickel

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6 x 14 Victorian Style Vent - Brushed Nickel Register

Floor register covers with a brushed nickel finish will add that extra touch of sophistication to your rooms. Functional, stylish, durable and at an affordable price! This heat register comes with a fully adjustable steel damper which allows you complete air flow control and lacquer coating to protect the finish and prevent rusting. Damper can be removed if desired. This heat register can also be used as a wall register. The register cover is provided with screws which can be used for easy installation onto the wall.

Victorian Style Floor Register Details

-Damper is easily adjusted for room comfort
-Finish is brushed nickel plated
-Decorative register covers are steel construction
-Drop-in style one step installation
-Protective lacquer top coat to prevent rust

***Hint: The industry standard is to order using the actual floor register hole size and not the heat register cover size.

Actual Faceplate Dimensions of Vent Cover: 7 3/8 inches x 15 3/4 inches
Damper Dimensions: 5 5/8 inches x 13 13/16 inches
Drop-in Depth: 1 1/4 inches

You may use Spring Clips to attach the 6 x 14 brushed nickel floor register to the wall.

Victorian style vents are available in multiple sizes and finishes!

Victorian style floor registers are a great and affordable way to enhance the decor in any home or office! Call in or order online today!

Price: $62.30
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