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Product ID I-10x6-Sidewall-Register-White

Imperial 10 x 6 Stamped Steel Sidewall Register - White

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Stamped Steel Register - Wall Diffuser 10 x 6

Try these stamped steel registers to replace old wall diffusers. Bright white stamped steel registers are also great in new construction. These wall diffusers have crisp, horizontal lines, and a traditional white finish to go with any decor. The finish of these stamped steel registers is a powder coat finish. Wall diffusers are perfect for any project because they are so easy to install. They come with predrilled screw holes and screws. This stamped steel register will fit a 10" x 6" hole. It has a 3/16" margin turnback, and 1/3" fins with a 20° angle. They also have an all steel construction, making them durable. Furthermore, this register has an easy to use single piece damper to control air flow.

Stamped Steel Register Highlights:

- Wall diffuser has fresh white finish
- Strong steel build
- 3/16" margin turnback
- 1/3" spaced fins angled at 20°
- Outside dimensions of 11 1/4" x 7 1/4"

Baseboard Stamped Steel Registers to match also available.

Searching for wall diffusers in different sizes?

The industry standard is to measure by the size of the hole in your wall to ensure the best fit register. This wall diffuser will fit a 10" x 6 " hole, and the overall dimensions will be 11 1/4" x 7 1/4".

Buy these stamped steel registers today and enjoy the wall diffusers crisp, clean look!

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