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Product ID Shoemaker-15-Steel-Baseboard-Register-White

Shoemaker 15 Inch Stamped Steel Baseboard Register - White

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5.5" Tall Triangular Baseboard Register- 15" Metal Air Diffuser

Replace shorter triangular baseboard registers in your home with this 5.5" tall metal air diffuser today and see the difference it will make. The metal air diffuser comes in a soft white color and is built with a single blade damper that will let you open and close the register. The triangular baseboard register is perfect for both heating and cooling needs as the 5.5" height also increases airflow in any room.

Our 15" long metal air diffuser is the optimal choice for those looking to remodel old homes or for use in new constructions with modern, taller baseboard sizes. This triangular baseboard register has a steel construction that is lightweight but durable and is galvanized to help prevent rusting.Our metal air diffuser has a removable faceplate that allows for easy installation on the triangular baseboard register and also helps when it needs a quick cleaning. This triangular baseboard register is constructed with tension wings in a sunburst design, that ensure the metal air diffuser will have hushed sound while in operation.

Triangular Baseboard Register Keynotes

- Metal air diffuser has 5.5" height
- Faceplate is removed in one step
- Galvanized steel construction prevents rusting
- Damper opens and closes register
- Sunburst design for deflection
- Soft white enamel finish

- Screws NOT Included

Metal Air Diffuser Dimensions (L x H): 15 inches x 5.5 inches
Upper Depth (Projection): 3/4 inch
Baseboard Diffuser Lower Depth (Projection): 2.75 inches
Bottom Duct Opening: 12 inches

This triangular baseboard register is also available in 18" or 24" lengths!

Renew old and shorter triangular baseboard registers with these taller metal air diffusers and notice the change today.

Price: $51.39
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